Arcadis is an international company providing management, consulting and engineering services on socially relevant issues, dealing with mobility, environment & spatial planning, housing & work and water. The Water division advises and assists in the field of coasts and rivers, harbours and waterways and regional and urban waters. Aware of the threat of water in a country below sea level, they now focus especially on exploiting the opportunities that water offers the Netherlands. They come up with new, innovative ways that will ensure the future security of the Netherlands. With these innovations they occupy a strong position in the international water market. Examples include their projects in New Orleans, the development of new technologies such as intelligent delta levees, new forms of living and working on water, water storage in combination with other features, and intelligent port and navigation systems.


Deltares is a leading, independent, Dutch-based research institute and specialist consultancy for matters relating to water, soil and the subsurface. They apply their expertise to help people live safely and sustainably in delta areas, coastal areas and river basins. They conduct research and provide specialist advisory services for governments and the corporate sector authorities in The Netherlands and worldwide. They focus on the development, application and sharing of knowledge. They work closely together with universities, other institutes, governments and the business sector. Deltares is based in Delft and Utrecht and has more than 800 employees. Their slogan, enabling delta life, captures everything they do. They provide knowledge on flood risk, adaptive delta planning, infrastructure, water & subsoil resources and environment.


Dunea produces and supplies approximately 1.3 million customers with good drinking water in the western part of South Holland. You can drink their water for instance in Den Haag and Rijswijk. They are responsible for the dunes between Monster and Katwijk. They protect the nature and the drinking water for the last 140 years. Clean drinking water and a peaceful environment in the Randstad are the basis for a good life. They are always looking for (new) solutions and opportunities for water and nature.


Evides Water is a water company that supplies reliable and tasty drinking water to 2.5 million clients in the southern part of the province of South Holland, in the entire province of Zeeland and the Brabantse Wal. Drinking water is prepared from water extracted 80% from the river Maas, 16% from ground water, and 4% from dune water. In total it is the second-largest water company in The Netherlands based on supply connections, supply volumes and revenue. Water for industrial clients is extracted 42% from the river Maas, 33% from the lake Brielsemeer, 14% from the rivers Rhine and Elbe, and 14% from smaller, local sources. They are one of the strongest players in northwestern Europe in the market for water-on-demand solutions for industrial applications. Evides also treats waste water from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and industrial complexes in Vlissingen (Sloe) and in Delfzijl.

National Water Traineeship

Working on the future is what matters at the National Water Traineeship. The coming years the water sector requires a growing number of highly skilled professionals. With the right skills, knowledge and a broad view, they can face tomorrow's challenges! The National Water Traineeship can be summarized as follows: During the start of your career water you are part of a special program. For a period of two years you will work four days a week at an organization within the water sector. The fifth day you will follow an intensive training focussing on self-management, personal development and different competences. In addition, you work together with the other trainees on behalf of the participating clients on challenging projects. In this way you will get to know also various other organizations and their specific challenges within the water sector. They start twice a year (in April and October) with a new group of trainees in the program. So sign up!


HKV LIJN IN WATER delivers, as an independent agency, high-quality research and consulting services in the field of water and security in the Netherlands and abroad. Their customers from the public and private sector use their expertise ranging from broad, exploratory studies to specialist desk studies. HKV employees are highly qualified and internationally recognized experts, often with long experience in their field and extensive knowledge of the complex world of water management.

Nelen & Schuurmans

Nelen & Schuurmans is a consultant in the field of water management, the public and private sector supports strategic and operational water issues. Their staff consists of highly qualified consultants in various disciplines such as hydrology, water management, water quality, ecology, physical geography, mathematics and information technology. Their advice is based on thorough understanding of the underlying problem. Every project is seen as a challenge, where they like to actively think along about all the facets that make a project successful.


PWN Water Supply Company North Holland delivers water to all North Hollanders, with the exception of Amsterdam and Hilversum. Annually, there flows 105.000.000 m3 of drinking water through a 10.000 kilometer long pipeline network to 720,000 individuals, businesses and institutions. Water purification takes place in Andijk, Bergen, Heemskerk, Wijk aan Zee and the dunes. In addition, PWN manages on behalf of the Province of Noord-Holland various nature and large parts of the dunes from Zandvoort to Bergen. These areas receive seven million visits a year. As a monopolist in our service area, we see it as our responsibility to provide reliable water at an acceptable price and to provide outstanding service to our customers.

Royal Haskoning

Royal HaskoningDHV has been connecting people for 135 years. They have helped contribute to a better society and improved people’s lives with work underpinned by their sustainable values and goals. They are an independent international engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation. Their employees deliver services in the fields of aviation, buildings, energy, industry, infrastructure, maritime, mining, transport, urban and rural development and water. Their head office is in the Netherlands, other principal offices are in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Indonesia. They also have established offices in Thailand, India and the Americas; and they have a long standing presence in Africa and the Middle East.


Vewin, the Association of Dutch Water Companies, it promotes the joint interests of the Dutch water companies. Within this broadly defined task, the association works as a lobbying organization. It voices the views of the water supply sector on all national and European political platforms. In addition to this, Vewin supports its members with information and various activities relating to research, science, public information and promotion. Main issues are: Security & Crisis Management, Efficiency, Transparency, Water Chain & Benchmark, Drinking Water Quality, Infrastructure, Innovations and Taxes and Subsidies.


Wareco is a Dutch engineering firm in the field of water, soil and foundations. Their strength is the integration and combination of specializations. They do research and give advice. They plan and supervise the implementation. From its offices in Amstelveen Wareco Deventer they serve approximately 60 professionals, governments, businesses and individuals.


Waternet is the water company for Amsterdam and surrounding area. They are the only water company in the Netherlands that is dedicated to the entire cycle. They provide a safe, clean and sufficient supply of water. This includes water for nature areas and human consumption. These topics are important for everyone. They operate at the very heart of society. WaterNet is involved with the treatment of waste water, production of drinking water, managing of surface waters, keeping canals clean and keeping an eye on the dykes.

Waterschap Rivierenland

The river area is the part of the Netherlands between the rivers from the German border to Dordrecht. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. Here Rivierenland Water ensures that the inhabitants of the river can safely live, work and recreate in their beautiful but fragile environment. Some 700 staff work on the following (main) tasks of the water board:
  • Water management (maintenance, water levels, water quality).
  • Looking after the dikes and ‘boezem’ (drainage) quays.
  • The management and maintenance of roads outside the built-up areas in the Alblasserwaard and the Vijfheerenlanden.
  • The treatment of waste water.
  • Muskrat and coypu control.
  • Managing the waterways of, among others, the Linge, Smoutjesvliet, Alblas, Giessen and Graafstroom.

Witteveen + Bos

Witteveen+Bos is a company based in the Netherlands that provides consultancy and engineering services worldwide in the fields of infrastructure, water, the environment, spatial development and construction. Their multidisciplinary approach to projects is the distinctive feature of the way we work. Their clients are governmental, commercial and industrial organisations, including various types of joint ventures and public-private partnerships. They serve their clients from six offices in the Netherlands and ten international offices. They have a workforce of more than 1000 specialists. Personal development and acquiring new expertise are key drivers because the work constantly demands new knowledge and responsibilities. Employees feel at home at Witteveen+Bos because “...we are a company firmly committed to delivering quality and making an extra effort for our clients and personnel.”


Water Supply Company Drenthe (WMD) represents a sustainable and efficient supply of drinking water for the inhabitants of the province of Drenthe. It is fully produced from ground water. Besides delivering drinking water, they also develop solutions for bigger industries. Moreover, they are working on combining thermal energy with drinking water. WMD was founded in 1937 and has grown ever since.

Dispuut Watermanagement