The 'Dispuut Watermanagement'

The ‘Dispuut Watermanagement’ is a society for students of the Department of Water Management and Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology. It was founded in 1980 and presently counts around 300 members (students and supporters).

About us

Our Goals

  1. Link our current members (predominantly MSc students of Watermanagement or Environmental engineering), TU staff, alumni and companies in the relevant field together through various activities and events.
  2. Evaluate and ensure that the quality of education provided in the master tracks (Environmental Engineering and Watermanagement) is of a top quality
  3. Create a fun and ‘gezellig’ atmosphere for all of our members to enjoy whilst completing their studies
  4. Provide students with a network to access internships, multidisciplinary projects, master thesis and job opportunities
  5. Act as liaison and mediator between department faculty and students

The Dispuut is run by a board consisting of seven members who fulfil various roles. They are aided in achieving the Dispuut’s goals by approximately 30-40 active members who fill the various committees which organize our main events.

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Dispuut Watermanagement